140 Nationalities and 1 LA Global Health Conference!

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A Stark Reality of the Vision to Come.

Today’s students are the future of tomorrow.
While Tomorrow is a prospect that seems to fade with the sight of many issues faced by the country and the world, TODAY.

Vulnerable population,  planet’s health, disaster relief, and global health were the broad topics at the 2019 LA Global Health Conference, held at a prestigious university. With eminent speakers, students and lecturers participating in the event, there were sincere discussions as well as white papers presented on Transcending Borders and Transforming Paradigms: Shaping a Future That Unites Us.” Los Angeles represents a global city and has 140 nationalities calling it home. With such diversity, everyone made an effort to hold an equal forum where each individual  had access to the same qualities of healthcare and addressed issues such as:
1. Solving the Problem: Being A Solution in A Changing World.
2. Minding the Mental Health Care Gap: From the classrooms of New Delhi to the streets of West Hollywood.
3. Global Surgery: Addressing Disparities in Surgical Care Through a Public Health Approach.
4. Managing the Health Risks of a Changing Climate.
5. U.S. Government and Global Health
6. Women in Global Health Leadership: The Hard Facts while Debunking Some Myths, etc.

A global effort is a united effort! And Alumni Alliances, your exclusive alumni community, is eager to do its bit towards uniting the community in a bid to pursue an effective dialogue towards the various healthcare issues. Below are the 4 ways in which Alumni Alliances can help you and the community to combat issues relating to healthcare.

1. Talk to Certified Healthcare Professionals from your alma mater!

Alumni Alliances, an exclusive alumni network, gives you the platform to liaise with certified professionals specific to your alma mater. You can always send a request and get connected with professionals. For example, if you feel that you have a personal issue to deal with and need psychiatric or any other form of help for rehabilitation, it is a good idea to do so from a trusted community since all the members are from your alma mater. There is a sense of familiarity to engage with someone in regards to healthcare viz-a-viz talking to a complete stranger. Of course, any healthcare professional would uphold the same standards of privacy as well as qualified service, but nonetheless, an acquaintance is still better than liaising with someone totally unfamiliar.

2. Organize a Healthcare Event

Caring about the community is not limited to a certain age. As a student, you can always do your bit towards community awareness. For example, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease not only affect the patients but their families as well. As a student, if you would like to create awareness about such diseases and a way out for families such as finding the caregivers or facilities, the type of information as a form of help, medicines, etc. then, by all means, get in touch with professionals and other interested people on Alumni Alliances, who will not help in spreading the word, but might give you a hand in making the event a successful one.

3. Secure Donations

Alumni Alliances also has a feature that lets a person raise awareness and collect funds for nonprofitable or charitable organizations. A member of your alma mater would definitely understand your preference towards helping the community in getting equal attention towards healthcare. Therefore, you can always take advantage of this feature on Alumni Alliances.

4. Let Influencers help you out on your Noble Cause!

Alumni Alliances also has high achievers from your alma mater who are now considered influential people in their respective fields. Getting in touch with them and requesting them to participate in the noble cause of promoting healthcare for one and all can add more feathers to your activity. For example, you might organize an event on the problems created by climate change,  ways to reduce carbon footprint, sexual and mental health, disaster relief or vaccines which are still not available around the world. An influencer’s participation can help in not only raising awareness but also getting more sponsorship and donations!

So these are the 4 ways in which Alumni Alliances, your exclusive alumni network, can help you achieve your goals.

There are many more healthcare related issues such as rehabilitation facilities, malnutrition, pollution and carbon footprint, evacuation in the event of natural disasters, equality in the provision of healthcare across diverse ethnicities, etc. The country has been quite active in its efforts in generously contributing and ensuring that sound healthcare is maintained. But is it enough? With the growing number in population, not only in the USA but the world, we as a responsible nation need to continuously make efforts towards this cause.

Globally, millions live impoverished lives and we can’t change that in a day. But if we join forces, we can certainly make a difference. Come, be part of the revolution. Join Alumni Alliances and together we can build a healthy future!


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