4 Tips for Students to land the Best Tech Internships!

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An internship is the first step that any student takes to get a feel of the corporate world. As a college student, one would always wonder about the methods to reach a dream job just like their college’s alumni. Being a student from your alma mater has its perks as many graduates from the university have found placements in prestigious companies like Apple, Google, JP Morgan, Qualcomm, Uber, IBM, Intel, and Capgemini, etc. These are some of the most powerful corporate magnets, attracting applications from thousands of students each year for internships. Obviously being a graduate from a premium university puts you head and shoulders above the rest!

As per an online article, IBM hired 1800 interns in 2018 and “… pays interns based on the number of college credits they’ve earned toward their degree.” As per the same article, “Google has one of the best diversity internships in the country, BOLD, and also has incredible engineering internships that provide students the opportunity to make an impact on products used by billions of people.” The company hired 3000 interns in the same year!

For tech students aspiring to be interns of such companies, this news would be like Christmas! Firstly, being tech graduates of a premium university gives them a lift. Secondly, prominent companies like IBM and Google increases the probability of them being hired as they already are hiring quite a huge number of interns!

But is there a way to cut down the competition a little more?

Would there be a 3rd possible way to give a further lift to an aspiring tech intern?

With Alumni Alliances, the guessing days are over! Alumni Alliances is an exclusive alumni community that only has alumni and students from your alma mater as their members. With such a compact alumni community, who has members holding significant positions in many reputed tech companies within the USA and the rest of the world, the chase for that internship is not so furious!

Seeing from the other perspective, Business Insider asked 12000 current and former interns to rate the tech companies that they would consider having a ‘dream job’ in. Below is a list of 18 most prestigious tech internships in 2018, tabled as per the ratings of the interns from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

(Source: Tabled as per details from an article by Business Insider)

Let’s have a look at the 4 tips that would assist you in landing the best tech internships.

1. Accomplishments, not just the Tasks!

In your resume, it is always recommended to highlight not only your responsibilities but also your accomplishments! For eg, you may have given a hand to the technical faculty or their department in order to minimize the hiring of extra professionals. You may have learned an extra skill while also understanding the work environment.

2. Personal Webpage!

As per an online article, it would be quite useful to create a personal web page which could then have a link to your resume. You might have participated in numerous projects as a student and including pictures, videos, coding abilities, etc., along with your resume would show your capabilities in the quickest way possible. It also tells the interviewer that you made an effort in trying to get an internship in their company! Below are some fantastic examples of personal web pages. They are unique and tell each person’s story.


Some websites that may be useful in making personal web pages are as follows:


3. Leverage that Network!

As per an online article by Forbes, “The students who get the best internships go beyond simply applying to postings. They contact alumni or see if they know anyone at the organization, both to get referrals and to learn more about how they can help.

Because you are a graduate from a premium university and soon would be its alumnus, what better place to search for a career option than an exclusive alumni community that only has members from your alma mater!

You can easily post a job search, seek a mentor, organize a community event while being a student! Check out all the perks of Alumni Alliances and connect with the team immediately to know more!

4. Prepare to be Interviewed and Follow up with a Polite Thank You Email!

Always ensure that you are very well prepared for your interview process. Be honest while answering questions and have the confidence in letting the interviewer know if you do not have the answer to his or her questions instead of trying to cover up! Be positive while answering questions and keep an exuberant attitude. Nothing says confidence if it is not lined with a hint of cheerfulness. Post the interview, it is wise to reach out to the interviewer and thank them for the opportunity for an interview. You can always add certain points that you may have missed out during the interview session which you deem important and is in relation to the tech internship.

So, these are the 4 elements that could help you get your tech internships. Why don’t you share your thoughts in the comments section? We would love to hear from you!

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