5 Ways in which Alumni Alliances can assist Women Studying Economics!

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As per an article in The New York Times, “New data indicate that the share of women studying the subject [Economics] in America’s universities has flatlined and the pool of prospective female economists may even be shrinking.” The article further states “That pattern would be disturbing in any academic field but because economics has an outsize influence on public policy, it means that many important debates are likely to be dominated by men’s voices for years to come.

Giving a boost to a woman’s voice in the economic market in order to maintain an ‘equilibrium’ is of much importance and various organizations have lent their hand to this valuable cause. MWBE Enterprises, an organization providing consultancy to minority and women-owned business owners, encourages more women to venture into startups and contribute extensively to the business world. The Department of Economics at Yale University’s aim “is to support women pursuing a degree in economics and to introduce more undergraduate women to the field”. In a bid to do so, they have assigned study spaces for women studying economics as well as hosting events and seminars to enable a productive conversation on this important topic.

Economists are synonymous with rational thinking and coherent explanations. Then what would be the justification behind an imbalanced representation of women in the economic sector? There could be various reasons and it’s commendable that many organizations are making an effort to talk about this glaring element. As per an online article, existing women in the field of economics have cited incidents such as harassment, bullying, lack of mentorship, misconduct, as well as being viewed as unequal to their male counterparts. Surely, just voicing out isn’t enough. At this point in time, more stringent action is needed for awareness that there are credible contributions by women economists in the USA and the world over. And Alumni Alliances is up for the challenge to encourage women to pursue a degree in economics through first showcasing the benefits that they would reap after they graduate.

Alumni Alliances is an exclusive networking community for the alumni and students of your alma mater. Being a part of this community will give you all the more reasons to consider applying for an economics degree. Below are the 5 ways in which Alumni Alliances can help you if you choose to pursue economics.

1. Seek Mentorship

Alumni from your alma mater are employed by many prestigious companies in the US and around the globe. Being a part of Alumni Alliances lets you get mentorship from these notable people. Usually, various mentors notify through posts on the subjects that they would like to mentor on. But you can also seek mentorship through posting a requirement. So while you are studying economics, you can always seek mentorship on the various areas of the sector through Alumni Alliances.

2. Search for Jobs

Being on the verge of graduation, an Economics graduate would definitely be worrying about the next phase in life. Finding a job can be tricky if you are a fresh graduate. But Alumni Alliances makes placement woes a thing of the past. By posting a simple job requirement on Alumni Alliances, you can get in touch with alumni from your alma mater who are holding significant positions in companies, universities, hedge funds, insurance companies, insurance or trading companies, public sector, etc. It can be difficult to get in such sectors but because you both are from the same university, it usually helps in having a dialogue with a potential employer on a semi-formal basis and can increase your chances of getting a job!

3. Startups

If you have just graduated and had a plan for a startup such as opening an investor relations company. Just having a degree in economics might not help you get in touch with investors. Investors also require years of experience as a surety that you would be able to make your venture a successful one. But there are countless successful examples around us that are of first-time entrepreneurs. The greatest example could be Facebook! With Alumni Alliances, we believing in unlocking your potential regardless of whether you are an alumnus or a fresh graduate thinking of a startup. You just have to post a requirement that has all the necessary details and strategies of your startup plan. A potential investor would be notified of your requirement and if they like your investor deck, then they would get in touch with you!

4. Raise Capital

You can also raise capital if you have an existing investor relations company or any other startup. You only would have to post a requirement on Alumni Alliances and raise awareness about your company and convey the amount of capital that is required. You also have to add the financial reports of your company together with other relevant documents so that they could be analyzed by a potential investor.

5. Mentor Others

While being a professional in the field of economics, consider other fellow women who may require advice or mentorship. You could always post your choice to mentor other women in your arena. Once you have posted on Alumni Alliances, your post appears on the newsfeed of all your connections, and a potential mentee who has selected the same industry and has similar details while seeking for mentorship would be notified in the recommendations sections of their account on Alumni Alliances.

Alumni Alliances appreciates the work of many activists and economists who are coming forward and discussing ordeals of women in this field. And it is not far behind in spreading the word. Your powerful advice on networking, creating a space in the field, harassment, etc. can shape or change someone’s work experience. Events, one of the features on Alumni Alliances, helps you to conduct seminars, webinars, workshops, private events or conferences where you can get in touch with other women in the economics field and help them counter and overcome the difficulties faced in the sector.

Alumni Alliances promises to be your #RealAlly. The above reasons would definitely motivate any woman to pursue a degree in economics as it paves the way to become a part of an exclusive alumni community.

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