5 Things to Do in April in Los Angeles


All work and no play… well, you know the rest! Thankfully Los Angeles has a lot to offer students to relax. With so many activities and places around LA, students, as well as tourists or anyone who is up for a breather, will have a wide variety of experiences to choose from in April.

Below are the 5 activities and places that one must definitely check out around the Los Angeles area.

1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

If you are into sports and would love to refresh yourself by watching some outdoor games, then head to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It is an outdoor sports stadium situated in the Exposition Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is declared a national historic landmark.

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2. Museums

Not a dull moment when going back in time! But instead of watching a movie or documentary to learn about prehistoric times or how living things evolved over time, why not head to museums around the LA area. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County showcases over 35 million specimens and artifacts from around the world. The California African American Museum “focuses on enrichment and education on the cultural heritage and history of African Americans” and is situated in Exposition Park, Los Angeles.

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3. Santa Monica Pier

The California sun is fantastic during this time of the year! Head out to the Santa Monica Pier if you would like to frolic in the waters or have a game of volleyball on the beaches. There are other beaches around LA that you can check out also. The pier contains Pacific Park, a family amusement park with a solar-paneled Ferris wheel.

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4. Exposition Park Rose Garden

This garden stroll will be a long one! The Exposition Park Rose Garden, originally called the Sunken Garden, is a 7-acre garden and is added to the National Register of Historic Places. It is a great place for walks and picnics and is a common location for weddings and photoshoot.

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5. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Whether you are an indoorsy person or not, this event is sure to attract you. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is a fantastic event which is attended by renowned writers, novelists, and enthusiasts. With numerous activities to participate in, this festival is a thumbs up for you and your besties. Why not get in touch with all your friends on Alumni Alliances and let them know that you would like to attend. Since this is the only portal that has alumni and students from your alma mater, it is easier to get in touch and spread the word within your community! To do so, log in to Alumni Alliances or if you are not on board, then sign up!

These are the 5 places and activities that one can check around the LA area during April. Do you have some other good places in mind? Please do share with us through the comments sections below. We would love to hear of your favorite places to visit and activities to participate in around the LA area during April.

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