Great Places to Eat Near Campuses in Los Angeles


It’s nice to know some good places to grab a bite while on the go! If you are shuffling in between classes and thinking of a quick snack, then these places are the go-to places around campuses in Los Angeles.  

1. La Taquiza Mexican Grill

Grab a taco and you are sorted in between meals! Mexican food is a hit amongst students and tourists alike! La Taquiza Mexican Grill is known for its tacos, grilled steak, quesadillas, seafood as well as nachos but it has become a favorite hangout for its mulitas. Their mulitas have cheese and creamy guacamole with a choice of filling that could include shrimp or spiced pastor sandwiched between corn tortillas. [1]

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2. Himalayan House

If you love Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese cuisine, then you must visit Himalayan House. Whether it’s momos (dumplings) from the Tibetan menu or Yak meat that is popular in the Himalayas, this place is a must-visit to experience the distinct aromas and spices. The restaurant has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus plus a wide variety of mouthwatering curries, lentils, and bread.

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3. Starbucks and Pot of Cha

Coffee is a favorite for students. Whether you are studying late nights or need to freshen up during the day, Starbucks is the place to go to get some freshly brewed coffee and snacks. Pot of Cha is also a great place to get some refreshing beverage. Famous for its Boba (Jasmine tea), students and tourists flock regularly to this place.

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4. Dirt Dog

Street food is all the rage when you are jam-packed with schedules. Hot dogs and corn dogs are the secret weapons of students or anyone who is busy and have no time to catch a bite. Dirt Dog has its own secret menu that features “House Dogs, Green Dogs, Dirty Corn, and an Elote Dog, Elote Fries and Red corn…” [2]

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5. Pizza Studio

With Mexican, Indian and street food as well as beverages covered, we think it’s time to give an ode to good old pizzas! Going hand in hand with a chilled beer, pizzas are simply the choice for many students after a game or just self-confessed pizza lovers! Pizza Studio gives the choice to build your own pizzas with the variety of available ingredients so that pizza devourers can get a custom made pie!

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Downed mouth watering pizzas, mulitas, momos, and hot dogs sealed with a kiss of jasmine tea and still craving for more? Maybe you have some more great places that we should know and try out!

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