5 Ways to Enjoy Your Time in College


College days can be the best period in one’s life! What with cool friends and relationships that may be life long, the best memories to draw upon and the time to retrospect about one’s career, colleges are the gears to give a new lease to life. There are also so many recreational and study activities that one can participate in.

Here is our choice of 5 things that can make your life around colleges so much fun.

1. Game Days

Nothing yells fun than a day with your friends, cheering your favorite team. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis or any other outdoor games, colleges have so many activities that students can participate in.

2. Music and Theatre

Dances, plays, and music are one of the best routes to relax. Cooling down after a hard day of lectures can be done through music recitals, watching different types of plays or dances. It’s best to head to your university theatre or performance halls where not only do you get to see different performances but might get the chance to participate as well.

3. Indoor Activities

Nothing like a board game when it rains outside. Somedays are just lovely being inside the dorms. You can always participate in various indoor games such as chess, cards, foosball or snooker. You can also cuddle up with a nice book that you can borrow from the university library.

4. Restaurants, Cafes or Food Trucks

Students everywhere in the world are always in a state of total frenzy. Hence, they grab a bite whenever they can steal a chance. Therefore, it’s helpful to know where one can grab a snack while on the run to their next class. There are various eateries, cafes, beverage or coffee spots around campuses in the Los Angeles Area. To find out the ideal places to eat, have a look at a blog in Alumni Insider about Great Places to Eat Near Campuses in Los Angeles.

5. Beaches

If your college is near the Los Angeles area, then you have so many beaches to escape to. Having a friendly game of volleyball and soaking in the California sun would be an ideal way for a student to rejuvenate. To check out the best beaches to hit, read about how students let their hair down during Spring breaks on Alumni Insider.

There are other places around Los Angeles such as the Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, Rodeo Drive, Little Tokyo, Exposition Park Rose Garden, Museums, etc.

These are our ways to enjoy life in college. Do you want to add on? Please share your tips with us through the comments sections below. Also, do stay tuned to Alumni Insider for more cool articles like this. And, if you haven’t signed up already, then get on board Alumni Alliances to connect with many friends, mentors, and alumni from your Alma mater.

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