8 Ways in Which Alumni Alliances Helps You Post Graduation!


The sweet lyrics of that speech! Usually, people don’t have much attention span for speeches, especially students but the day has come when this speech is going to be music to your ears! The much awaited day when you don the cap and accept your prize for all these years of tests, assignments, and lectures. Today is the one day that you wait to hear that commencement speech that marks your graduation!

And what’s next???
After a few days of pure celebration, one has to accept the reality that you are leaving your classmates and friends and moving on to the world of jobs, startups, internships, or unemployment (hope not!). If only you had the option of hacking out the problems of the world with your real allies at bay… Well, maybe there is a way!

Alumni Alliances is a professional alumni community that poses as your #RealAlly. With alumni and students from your Alma mater, you are surrounded by people that you know or are familiar with. We outline 8 ways in which Alumni Alliances helps a fellow graduate to find new paths after their graduation.

1. Search Jobs – How Not to Be a Drop in the Ocean

Right after graduation, the main line of worry is finding a job. There are so many websites and platforms that help people find jobs. But how do you make yourself prominent against the thousands of applicants vying for a single job, especially when you are just fresh out of college? With minimum work experience, finding a job can be a little difficult. With Alumni Alliances, you get to stand out from the crowd and get connected with alumni through just one single post! While you can publish as many posts as you want, just one comprising your job requirements will do the magic and recruiters would get in touch with you directly! Just ensure that you make an interesting post to catch the eyes of recruiters and you are sorted!

2. Raise Capital – Really? Is this even An Option?

It sure is with Alumni Alliances!
Suppose, you are not into finding a job but are rather interested in startups. Thinking of your own business but don’t have the funds to rev up your engine? Well, since you are freshly out of college and even though you may have the required expertise or know-how in the industry or business that you would like to pursue, it is very rare that a funding institution grants you that kind of a loan. But with Alumni Alliances, you just have to prepare a very captivating investment deck and publish just 1 post with the required details. Through the post, you can connect with various investors who might be interested in investing in your startup.
So dream on because Alumni Alliances will help you make it a reality!

3. Provide Business Solutions – No Harm in Being Ambitious!

It’s not always the case that a graduate is just starting out. With the emergence of new ideas and technology, some students dip their toes in the world of business way earlier. It could be in the form of online businesses, apps, mobile games, software programs, etc. Along the way, maybe you need business solutions. Alumni Alliances provides the platform to contact like-minded professionals who nurture the same school of thought and can contribute profitably to your business.

4. Promote Your Business – How About Free Advertising?

Alumni Alliances provides the platform for you to publish a post regarding your venture that will help it get more publicity within your community! And it is free! You just have to publish one post and add all relevant pictures, documents, and certifications.

5. Seek Mentorship – Once a Learner, Always a Learner!

Graduation starts a whole new life and perspective for a graduate except one. That continuous brain exercise through lecturers and studying makes a person sharper. So how to keep on learning without actually attending classes? Why not interact with a mentor who can advise and help during the many challenges that your professional life may throw at you!

6. Mentor Others – Pass on the Knowledge

The mentee can always become a mentor! There are many juniors or peers who would require help in exam preparations, tips, and tricks to study or any other form of help in their studies. Why don’t you lend a helping hand through Alumni Alliances? Help is not restricted to only juniors. They might be other graduates or alumni who may require help. You can easily become a mentor by showing your interest in Alumni Alliances and publishing a simple post.

7. Network and Connect – Strengthen your Friendships

But let’s not make it all work and no play! Alumni Alliances is a professional alumni community but you also get to reconnect with old friends and also make new contacts. In this way, you get to speak to people who were from your college and also discover their interests.

8. Events – Never a Bad Idea to Host!

And speaking about reconnecting with friends, why not host an event? It’s good to mingle with friends and peers, and through Alumni Alliances you can organize an event through just 1 post! You can host professional events, seminars, and conferences through Alumni Alliances as well.

Alumni Alliances has 8 ways to help you when you graduate. Don’t you want to be part of the clan and reap the benefits like many others from your Alma mater? Then what are you waiting for? Sign up today! And stay tuned to Alumni Insider for more helpful articles like this.

And Congratulations on your Graduation! Your #RealAlly has got your back!

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