5 Reasons to Enhance Your Post-Workout Game with Fitness Supplement Kyoku!


Is this you after every workout? Are there days when you have missed workout sessions because your body had called it quits for a day or two? Or are there times when you need to boost your endurance or else you start missing out on workouts, training sessions or exercises? Or when there is no motivation at all because you might have worked out for a long time but failed to see any visible results?
We have all been there! Sometimes, a helping hand is required just so that you keep at it and feel motivated.

But instead of thinking of a friend with whom you can partner up in your workout sessions, try a slightly different friend that not only nourishes your body but replenishes it so that you are ready to go for the next day’s rigorous workout sessions! We are talking about Kyoku, a revolutionary product that is absolutely unique from the many supplements that you might have taken before.

A little skeptical?

We understand! Supplements can be tricky and may sound a little scary, especially when we think of the aftereffects on your health. You might have felt low in confidence and in a bid to help yourself quickly, ran to the nearest supplement store and purchased ingredients that might have given you temporary results but affected your health in the long run. A constant worry is what kinds of contents are in your supplement, how much chemicals are you ingesting and its effects on your overall health. 

With Kyoku, you can rest easy! Here are 5 reasons how Kyoku puts all your workout worries to rest!

1. What is Kyoku and Why Should I Use It?

Kyoku is a post-workout supplement that helps in quick recovery and replenishes your body so that it performs better the next day. Your body is unique hence it will have different needs or requirements for nutrition supplements. Other products in the markets target sections of the users and make a generic product that might or might not affect you. Kyoku, is a personalized product. You will be required to take a short quiz on quiz.kyoku.com that will help determine your body’s requirement and the product will be customized so that you know that the product is going to be highly effective.

2. What are the ingredients in Kyoku?

Ryan Roddy and Harrison Valner, student entrepreneurs from USC and producers of Kyoku understand the importance of organic food consumption. They ensure that the ingredients used to make Kyoku are of the highest quality and are sourced from organic farms from around the world and thoroughly checked for pesticides, heavy metal, and irradiation. Also, Kyoku is a plant-based superfood so it can be consumed by vegetarians or vegans.

3. What About the Production Process?

The producers of Kyoku are committed to keeping transparency between the consumer and them, hence the production process would be communicated to the consumer. The user will be looped in at each and every stage of the production of their customized Kyoku supplement. The team can be reached through their website www.kyoku.com. The website further gives details about the free trial, quiz, how the product works, why it is effective, and testimonials that could help the user to know more about Kyoku.

4. Are there any other credible stakeholders involved?

Yes. Kyoku is backed by Science Inc, a Los Angeles-based startup studio, that develops, invests in, and acquires various businesses. The belief of the company is “invest in and build the next generation of companies shaping the future” and Kyoku endeavors to be only that. Kyoku a next-generation superfood, keeping the user’s health and well-being in mind. That is why only organic ingredients are procured to create Kyoku.

5. Are there any offers or discounts on the product?

Yes! We know that everyone loves offers and discounts. Kyoku can be availed first on a free trial. Please visit the company’s website and fill out the quiz to get your free trial. But if you are a member of Alumni Alliances, then you get a 20% discount on your first month’s subscription! Alumni Alliances supports young entrepreneurs and innovative ideas. To get the 20% discount on your first month’s subscription of Kyoku, click HERE!

Still, have some questions or doubts…

Hear what some of our customers have to say after using Kyoku:

Ryan Roddy and Harrison Valner, producers of Kyoku, were as committed to creating Kyoku as you are to your fitness and workout. This was their reason for creating such a unique post-workout nutrition supplement.

“While realizing all aspects of the wellness space had been modernized – workouts, clothes, and equipment, we discovered fitness supplements were way behind. Understanding that uniqueness is a fundamental condition of the human experience, we set out to create a product that works for everybody type and fitness goal but wasn’t harmful to the environment in the process. We worked with registered dieticians and doctors to create something new and approachable: Personalized Active Nutrition.”

Alumni Alliances, your #RealAlly, has your back and is proudly supporting Kyoku to be made available to all fitness lovers. So, go grab your Kyoku today but not without a 20% DISCOUNT on your first month’s subscription! So sign up on Alumni Alliances now to get the DISCOUNT CODE

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