3 Ways in which Alumni Alliances helps Human Resources


The human resources department has a vital role to play in organization building and human resources managers, as well as independent recruiters and head hunters, are always on the lookout for the right talent. Talent acquisition is difficult because every organization wants a team player to join their team but sometimes end up recruiting again and again for the same post!

These are the constant worries for any human resources department, recruiter or head hunter but when you have signed up with Alumni Alliances, you can bid adieu to all your recruitment woes!

Alumni Alliances is a privately owned professional networking community, that only aims to connect with graduates and alumni from your alma mater. And by being part of this professional networking community, a recruiter is able to avail premium services that are not provided by any other!

Just have a look at the 3 reasons why Alumni Alliances excels for a recruiter and you will look nowhere else!

1. Connections from your Alma Mater Only! As per an online article published in April 2017, your university is in the top ten list of ‘…schools with the most undergraduate and graduate alumni hired by the 25 biggest Silicon Valley employers in the last year’. It is needless to say that a higher number of students and alumni from the university are venturing across the USA and finding their place in the best of organizations!

2. We say NO to Constant Turnover! According to Influx Recruitment,  ‘If a company does not employ the correct person then there will be constant turnover and either the HR department or a recruitment agency will be constantly recruiting and hiring.’. This is a classic example of how a company is in a constant loop of recruiting employees for the same position since the ‘right’ candidate was not selected in the initial stage. As a human resources official, it is quite advantageous to recruit a team member from your own alumni community. This is not nepotism or just fitting in a ‘family’ member but a method to streamline your general recruitment process and a filter that ensures that the recruiter and job seeker are on the same page! Since Alumni Alliances is that familiar community, rest assured that your organization will NOT recruit a complete stranger. It is also easier to converse more candidly because both of you attended the same university and can have much in common.

3. Simple Job Posting! Posting a job is as easy as 1…2…3! By clicking on ‘Post a Job’ on Alumni Alliances, you only have to add the job title and its short description, your company’s name, the type of job and the industry, whether the job is contractual or on permanent basis, the location, website, company description, logo and the salary details and post the requirement!

Your job posting will instantly show up on job seekers’ dashboard and they can contact you very easily.

Because the hired official is at ease from DAY 1, your organization will benefit tremendously. The comfort of an employee is foremost and ensures the longevity of an employee’s tenure. Even though an organization may do its best in hiring commendable candidates, varying situations, beyond the grasps of the management, may result in a high turnover of employees. The existing employees mostly perceive that the organization is at fault in such circumstances. Hence, why to take a risk in the early stages? It’s better to nip the problem in the bud and recruit someone who is comfortable from the first day of work! And Alumni Alliances is one such professional networking community that helps you to do JUST THAT!


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