5 Ways to Make Job Search Easier!

Job Search is the only thing on your mind when you graduate from a premium university and wish to walk in the footsteps of the alumni from your alma mater to tap the same awesome opportunities that they had achieved. But the pursuit of a job search or job hunt is far difficult than one thought. Well, not anymore! The alumni from your alma mater are recruited in many prominent companies like Apple, Google, JP Morgan, Qualcomm, Uber, IBM, Intel, Capgemini, etc. as well as other organizations globally. Because you are a member of Alumni Alliances, YOU now have the opportunity to interact with your alumni directly, who hold positions in these companies and successfully pave a beeline to the best vacancies! Now, who said job search was hard?

Okay so maybe a hiring manager would not simply recruit you just because you both had attended the same university but SURELY there is an opportunity to get mentorship, avail recommendation for a job, learn the interview processes and shortlisting criteria as well as the specific requirements of the company in order to become the successful incumbent!

There are many comforting reasons that ‘other’ job sites provide when you are not able to crack the code to that dream job.

“You are overqualified for the job!” “The job description is not a perfect fit, but you were shortlisted due to a few similarities in your resume.” “We are sorry but you have not answered as per what we had wanted from an interviewee.” “You may be the right fit for the organization, but the organization is not the right fit for you!” Etc, etc, etc.!

Alumni Alliances is a step ahead of these platforms! We won’t let you waste precious time in such trivial matters anymore. Now that you are onboard, you get to walk immediately towards that Dream Job!

Let’s have a look at the 5 elements that will ensure that you start Earning once you are done with Learning!

1. Sign Up on Alumni Alliances!

That you already did!

2. Give that Resume an Overhaul!

Before applying for a job, do a complete makeover of your resume. Add all the minute details of work that you have done on campus or outside as well as the various reference letters from lecturers, student bodies, employers or from organizations where you might have rendered community service. Also, the current trend is to make a one-pager resume that encompasses all your key details. It is easy to read, convenient for recruiters and shows all the key details on one page! For example, have a look at the resume below:

3. Be Found!

Make a Job Seeking Post. First, add a crisp professional headline that highlights your job requirement. For example: Looking for the job of a Senior Architect in Detroit. Then, add your professional summary, the position currently held, the name of your current employer, and the industry that you work in. Also add the type of work that you are looking for, for example, permanent, contractual, etc. Next, upload the resume that you had updated. Further, add the current location as well as the preferred location. To ensure that recruiters can find you easily, add skills to enable a filter. Lastly, add whether you are willing to work remotely or not, the desired salary and… Hit Post! And that is it! Now, recruiters will be able to contact you directly!

Well, Wait! That is not just it! Once you have posted your requirement, suggestions will start to pop up on the right-hand side of your dashboard about any similar vacancies.

4. Find Recruiters’ Posts!

Many recruiters post their requirement on Alumni Alliances. You can always search for posts or if your requirements are similar to theirs, then it will appear in your News Feed! You can then contact them directly or comment on their post or simply apply by sending your resume! It’s just that easy!

5. Meanwhile, seek Mentorship!

After you have posted your job-seeking post as well as viewed various recruiter’s posts, try to keep honing your talents as much as possible. We believe that during the ‘break’ in between your graduation and the next opportunity could be the time to retrospect. Hence, we created the opportunity for you to post a mentorship post. To reach out to interested mentors, simply make a one-line description as well as other details. Edit the industry that you would like to seek mentorship in. This option is auto-populated as per your personal details, but you can change it at any time you like. Also, fill in your preferred location and add as many locations that are feasible for you. Lastly, HIT POST! While waiting for your dream job, Alumni Alliances gives you the chance to keep learning and staying current.

There you go!

These are the 5 elements that are bound to maximize your efforts in finding a job! While other networking sites struggle in getting a meeting arranged with a recruiter, we ensure that you not only post your job requirement but also see all the vacancies that you can view while also availing mentorship.

With Alumni Alliances, you are all set! It is not only a premium alumni network but also Your #RealAlly!


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