4 Reasons to Go for an ‘Online’ Job Fair


Aren’t job fairs the best bridges from your college to a good internship? There is one job fair held on every campus each year to help its fellow students in getting a good internship. Some may consider it ‘jobs at your doorsteps’! From prominent companies holding up stalls on your campus to a place to practice your networking skills, learning the job application processes as well as the needs of employers and making sure that you meet all the employers on your wishlist, a job fair is quite beneficial.

Below are the pros and cons of a job fair as per an online article [2].

Advantages of a Job Fair Disadvantages of a Job Fair
Access to meet multiple employers at a time Competition is higher
Immediate response for the job application The huge crowd tends to create stress
Many options are confidence boosters Chances of getting missed out from the right employers
No room for partiality Organization recruiter randomly shows the count
A cost-effective approach to the organization as well as employees Very tiring and sometimes emotionally draining
Indirect marketing for the brand No proper structure for the interview
A lot of effort and it’s a time saver Some organizations tend to use this as the only brand strategy

Sometimes not all the companies on your wishlist would be present at the job fair. There might be long queues for the ones you had in mind and the pressure of trying to impress the representatives of a company along with your 100+ other fellow college mates can be really intimidating. So, what are some of the things that would entice you to find better alternatives to a career fair?  As per an online article [3], “Besides job fairs, applicants and employers use a number of methods to secure employment. The Internet is a major source of resume postings and job listings on commercial career sites and company websites. Employers use techniques such as group interviews and telephone interviews to learn about candidates quickly and conveniently, without the need to dispatch representatives to job fairs.

You are a student from a premium university and that in itself puts you on a lucrative position. Your alma mater is a great university and works well in holding career fairs to further help its students in connecting with employers. Another great way to connect is through an exclusive alumni community. Alumni Alliances is one such exclusive alumni community that ensures that you interact with employers from around the globe. Because you are a student from a premium university, Alumni Alliances is going to be your #RealAlly! Alumni Alliances is an exclusive alumni community and their members hold significant positions in prominent companies who would be helpful in getting you an internship!

Let’s look at the 4 reasons why Alumni Alliances is a great option for you!

1. No Hassles of Queues! Who wouldn’t like to interact with employers immediately and not wait for hours in long lines! With Alumni Alliances you get to show your interest through posting a requirement. And you would always be alerted on all internships that are up for grabs! 2. Interacting with ALL the Companies on your Wishlist! Alumni from your alma mater are recruited by companies such as Apple, Google, JP Morgan, Qualcomm, Uber, IBM, Intel, and Capgemini, etc. Through Alumni Alliances, you get to interact with your fellow alumni who may be holding prominent positions in these companies. Being from the same university can be an ice breaker and this could help you eliminate the nervousness one faces before meeting a relatively unknown recruiter.

3. It’s not that Competitive! Suddenly you are not one in a thousand! In a career fair, an interviewer can get bored with the number of talents whizzing by his table. With the passing hour, the excitement to meet the next talent can change into exhaustion. When you network with fellow members from your alma mater on Alumni Alliances, a recruiter can view your credentials in an unhurried space and you have better chances of getting a job interview. Sure, attending a career fair is also a good opportunity to practice your interview skills. But so are the innovative methods found on Alumni Alliances such as finding a mentor, where one can get in touch with a mentor who could couch you in improving your interview skills.

4. A lucrative PLUS for the Company! Instead of sending your recruitment team to campuses, you can streamline and meet interns in your own office! Being a graduate from a premium university, you would like to recruit team members who have similar goals and initiatives as yourself. They should reflect your sentiments in nurturing your organization in becoming bigger and better. So why not recruit from Alumni Alliances, who have graduates and students from your alma mater!

Job fairs are a good and fun way to interact with representatives of a company. But there are better perks of being a member of an exclusive alumni community such as Alumni Alliances! Need more to be convinced? Why don’t you interact with us through the comments section? Your #RealAlly will surely help you in getting your internship!

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