Job Hunting Again? 5 Ways that Alumni Alliances helps You in Your Job Search


You have some guts if you wish to do job hunting again and Alumni Alliances supports such brave people! Alumni Alliances is an exclusive alumni network that will not only cater to your current needs but will help provide assistance in job search, recruitment, raise capital for startups and businesses, get donations, provide business solutions, find mentorship, promote businesses and real estate, find influencers, attend events and is a cool place to network for the alumni and students. Alumni Alliances is your #RealAlly that not only keeps you close to fellow alumni from your alma mater but helps to find connections that will speed up your job search.

I am Tom Donahue and my peers regard me as a real estate expert! In this article, I would cover the 5 ways in which you can go for a career switch through Alumni Alliances. They are:

  1. Job Search
  2. Creating Job Seeking Posts
  3. Influencers
  4. Mentorship
  5. Events
Coming from a hardcore real estate background, I would seem like the last person to go for advice on career change! Post my graduation, hard work and perseverance led the way to even greater heights in the field of real estate and business. With the kind of real estate experience that I have globally, one would always assume that I might give career advice in the same field. Not many might know that I also had my heart in baseball during my college days and played for my university. Well, I didn’t push that dream any further but I do value and give respect to the spunk in the fellow alumni of my alma mater.

Take, for example, Will Ferrell is a world-renowned actor. But not many know that he studied sports broadcasting during college. There are many great examples of how people have successfully switched careers at different points in their lives. An online article [2] shows how Harrison Ford made a switch to acting after being a carpenter for 15 years!

A lot of things can push a person to switch careers. An online article [3] states that “40 percent of current US employees are disengaged at work”. Career dissatisfaction, not getting along well with your employer, work flexibility, bored with your job, your outlook for your life has changed, etc. maybe some of the reasons for a career switch.

Here are the 5 ways that Alumni Alliances can help.

1. Job Search

Switching jobs has never been easier! Various sites filter you out as per your current or past work experience. Say, for example, you are a clerk at a law firm and as per the details that you had filled on a normal job search site, you would then be notified of similar vacancies in other law firms. But what happens if you wish to pursue a whole different career, say in education or business? With Alumni Alliances, you can change or add on to your existing interests at any point in time. While doing so, you would be constantly notified of any such vacancies that are according to your new interests.

2. Creating Job Seeking Posts

In any other recruitment site, you are pretty much a drop in the ocean of thousands of job seekers vying for a particular job. Why put your energy on a recruitment site that yields less or no profit? At Alumni Alliances, all the members are from your alma mater and most of them hold significant positions at various prestigious companies like Apple, Google, JP Morgan, Qualcomm, Uber, IBM, Intel, and Capgemini, etc. All you have to do is to fill out the details of a simple job seeking the post. Most of the details would are auto-populated hence you could change the details as per your interests like job title, industry, salary expectations, etc. Once the job-seeking post is edited as per your liking, you only have to hit POST! And immediately your interest in a different job would reach out to the specific audience.

Remember, a recruiter from any other job-seeking site may be skeptical in hiring a person for a job who is from a different field. But at Alumni Alliances, its members are from your alma mater hence they will surely hear you out! Talk to a stranger and you might never be heard. But speak to a community member and your concerns will be amplified and reach the right ears!

3. Mentorship

Switching careers is not a piece of cake! It does not only require planning and guts but also advice from people whom you would trust. Being a member of Alumni Alliances gives you the assurance that you can talk to trustworthy mentors and seek advice. You can always post a mentorship requirement outlining the reasons for a career change and the kind of mentorship required. A mentor who is skilled in the field that you would like to explore will get in touch with you.

In this way, the route to switching careers would not be delayed since you get skilled advice pronto instead of dabbling in an unknown recruitment site on your own and delaying the success in your career switch.

4. Influencers

Alumni Alliances’ list of influencers is going to baffle you! Alumni from your alma mater have overcome many obstacles and found their footing in various national and international organizations. Their story will not only inspire you but push you towards overcoming any obstacles which are restricting you from making a career switch. These amazing leaders have made the term ‘success stories’ seem minute in front of their stride towards snatching the stars. Learn from them, get inspired and make a move towards that career switch!

4. Events

Alumni Alliances gives you the opportunity to participate in various events, webinars, seminars, get-togethers, etc. A good way to explore your new career path is by attending such events through which you can avail a lot of useful information. Once you add your new interests to the existing ones, your dashboard will show you all the corresponding upcoming events that you might be interested to participate in. In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision while switching careers.

I may not have switched careers, but I have taken various risks and battled with hard choices in the field of real estate. Today, I am considered a real estate expert. It did not come easy but the field is surely rewarding! Would you like to chuck your current career path and pursue one in real estate? Or how about any field such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, etc. Then, why don’t you connect with my team and I via Alumni Alliances? We would surely hear you out and give the best possible advice with your career switch!

(Tom Donahue is the CEO of Alumni Alliances and True North Companies LLC, which specializes in real estate as well as various other industries.) References: 1. Collage – Photos 1, 2, 3 and 4. 2. Jobbio – 6 Inspiring People who Completely Changed Their Careers 3. Glassdoor – How to Change Careers

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