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Is a company the only place to find a mentor? Do you remember all the various mentors who have helped you shape your life from the time that you had started learning till now? Some must have been in the form of friends who gave you advice on study materials and exams while others in the shape of parents, teachers, and lecturers, guiding you towards your first job. While there may have been still others who were standing by you when you were taking those big leaps from one job to the other! Now there is a quick and easy platform that unites alumni and students from your alma mater so that one can find mentorship through just adding one single post! With Alumni Alliances, you can waive your worries of finding an ideal mentor by connecting with your fellow alumni who are holding significant positions in various prestigious companies across the USA and the world.

While looking for a mentor, a lot of mentees keep asking themselves the following questions. Are ideal mentors of a certain age or position? Do we only look upon someone with a parallel or higher position for advice? Or can we also consider learning from our juniors? As per an online article [1], even ‘top dogs’ or people who are heading an organization do require mentorship every now and then. Meaning that entrepreneurs, heads of an organization or someone holding a pivotal role should not shy away from getting mentorship on a subject that they are unfamiliar with. The mentor could be of a parallel position or even a junior.

Even the chances of getting mentorship in organizations have lowered tremendously. An article [2] in Harvard Business Review outlines that a decline in getting mentorship in an organization has occurred due to “layoffs or outsourcing or robots”! So why look for mentorship only in your organization when you can do so via Alumni Alliances by connecting with a sea of alumni and students from your alma mater!

So, how do we find mentors on Alumni Alliances?

Alumni Alliances is the GO-TO platform for the alumni and students of your alma mater. It is an exclusive alumni community that not only caters to the demands of recruitment, job search, raising capital, finding donors, networking and connecting, providing business solutions, promoting business and real estate but also finding mentors and mentees as well!

While each person has a different process of learning; some would prefer online resources or books to get information. Here are 7 reasons why one must go for a mentor.

(Details illustrated using information from an online article [3].)

Now that the benefits of having a mentor are covered, have a look at how Alumni Alliances provides one through just 1 post! Alumni Alliances gives you the opportunity to find mentors online.

You could be a student looking for mentorship on job opportunities, study advice, etc. or an alumnus, who is thinking about a career switch and would like to know more about the industry that you wish to step into. There would be information online but wouldn’t it be better if you could get most of the information you require through mentorship from an expert?

This could also apply to a CEO of a small startup who is learning the ropes of the new and savvy tech world so that his or her organization does not have obsolete business practices. Alumni Alliances is your real ally in finding mentors for yourself in any field, holding any position, in any industry!

Why go through loads of information, when you can get answers, tailored to your specific needs through one mentor! Or many, since you can interact with multiple mentors who show interest in your post. Finding mentorship on Alumni Alliances is attainable through just 1 post! Below is the step-by-step procedure on how to add the post with the type ‘Connect with Mentors’ on Alumni Alliances:

  1. First, log in to Alumni Alliances or if you haven’t joined already, then sign up!
  2. Then go to your dashboard and add a post with the type ‘Connect with Mentors’. The below form would pop up.
  3. Fill in the one-liner that outlines what you need mentoring on. Next, fill out the detailed mentorship requirements that you are aiming to achieve. Usually, this is auto-populated but you can change the industry if you require mentorship on one that is different from yours. Then enter the location of where you would like mentorship. You can add as many locations as you prefer.
  4. After filling out the details, you can just hit POST!

Once you have posted your requirement to ‘Connect with Mentors’, the post is immediately displayed on the newsfeed of your connections. And it will also appear in the recommendations section of any mentors who have shown interest in mentoring on a similar subject. A mentor who would be interested to connect with you can immediately get in touch! And since the mentor is an alumnus of your alma mater, you will continue learning and getting mentorship from a reliable and understanding source way after you have graduated!

This is how quick and easy it is to find a mentor on Alumni Alliances! So if you are already registered with Alumni Alliances, then log in and post a requirement to ‘Connect with Mentors’. And if not, then sign up! There is a lot that you would be missing out if you are not on board with Alumni Alliances!

If you think this article is useful, please share it with your friends through social media platforms. and also bookmark Alumni Insider for more articles like this! References: 1. Harvard Business News – CEOs Need Mentors Too! 2. Harvard Business News – What to Do If There’s No Clear Career Path for You at Your Company 3. Insala – 9 Advantages of Mentoring in the Workplace


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