4 Benefits of an “Online” Job Fair with Alumni Alliances


Job fairs are organized by employers, schools, and recruiters to provide recruitment advice as well as information about the organization and recruit potential employees. In a job fair, any job seeker can speak to the employer face-to-face, share resumes, and learn about the work environment of the companies that they are aspiring to work in. For an employer or recruiter, it becomes so much easier to recruit talent. The case is the same with job seekers. A job fair is every student or job seeker’s chance to familiarise themselves with the world of employment.

But job fairs can be equally exhausting for a student and interviewers or recruiters. Holding an event and seeing hundreds of candidates a day can take a toll and influence the selection process. It is only human to err, especially if one is tired. Below are some more cons to job fairs.

  • Limited Quality Time –  It is challenging to allocate quality time to every candidate since there are so many and an employer’s main objective is to meet as many potential employees as possible.
  • Employees with strong resumes but weak interpersonal skills might find it challenging to make an impression. (especially with the sight of so many confident candidates moving around).
  • High costs – An employer would incur high charges in paying for their booth at a job fair.

Virtual Job Fair is a way to eliminate these cons and still meet a lot of candidates. Virtual job fairs are cost-effective substitutes for regular career fairs. It allows employers to discuss their companies with potential employees somewhat ‘face-to-face’. With services such as live chatsvideos, and the option to get downloadable material, it proves to be more helpful for both the recruiter and the job seeker.

And Alumni Alliances is a perfect platform to do just that! Have a look at how Alumni Alliances can help you organize a virtual job fair.

1.  24/7/365

You don’t need to restrict yourself to a specific date or time. You can hold multiple virtual job events at any time or day! So it is very time convenient for both parties.

2. Find Your Employee from any Location

A job fair usually restricts the recruiter or employers to interact with potential employees who are physically present at the booth. But with a virtual job fair organized through Alumni Alliances, an employer or recruiter can get connected with prospective employees who are not in the vicinity.

3. Cost-Effective

Alumni Alliances lets you have infinite virtual events. But don’t worry as it is very cost-effective! You can waive those high costs for setting up booths a heartfelt goodbye!

4. The Best Crowd!

Did we mention that all the students, graduates and alumni are from one Alma mater? That narrows your search effectively for finding quality candidates. Therefore, you get a talent pool like no other!

So, how to connect with the talent pool on Alumni Alliances?

  1. Sign Up on Alumni Alliances!
  2. Go to the interests on your Featured Icon Banner and click on Events.
  3. A post will appear in which you have to fill in the details about your virtual job fair such as the event title, type of event if it is a virtual event (click yes) which will direct you to add the details of the virtual event. You can also add the details of the virtual job fair in the slot for description.
  4. You can narrow your search by adding the industry that your organization belongs to. Add a cover photo which could be of your company premises, a team of employees, etc.
  5. You can also restrict the post to specific alumni if you wish.
  6. Add the start and end date.
  7. Select time zones.
  8. And hit Publish!
  9. And you can publish an infinite number of posts for virtual job fairs for your company!

So, job seekers and providers, with Alumni Alliances, you are all set to hold and participate in a virtual job fair!

Oh and job seekers, now that you can participate in a virtual job fair without leaving your premises, it brings down your stress level, saves time and energy as opposed to an offline job fair. Alumni Alliances has got your recruitment needs covered, so get ready to meet as many employers in the virtual job fair as possible!

Ahem! But please do keep your house in order. Nothing reeks of an unprofessional employee than ‘that infamous chair’ (the one hidden under all those clothes) and pizza boxes in the background! Ensure that everything on the vantage point of your camera shows a very enthusiastic employee during that virtual job fair, live chat! Clean up and if you haven’t already then… Sign Up on Alumni Alliances!

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