5 New-Age Ways of Recruitment


Recruitment these days is far different from what it was earlier. Remember the days when while searching for jobs, one had to write cover letters, take print-outs of updated resumes and other credentials and send via post? Then sending applications migrated from post to email. Now, applying for a job has become so much easier, what with numerous social media platforms and job-seeking websites out there to help one out. Recruiters have thrown out the traditional ways of hiring talent and adopted new and interesting ways to find the right member for their office squad.

Below are the 5 new-age ways of talent recruitment.

1. Professional Networking Sites

Professional networking sites are all the rage! Making an account that has all your academic documents together with a list of work experiences and updated resumes are not only good for job seekers. Recruiters can also make company profiles and advertise their job postings. With numerous job seekers making accounts on professional networking sites, the recruiter is able to find talent filtered to their company’s requirements. This makes it easier for them to start the interviewing process.

Some of the useful professional networking sites are:

  • LinkedIn – This is a professional networking site. It is business and employment-oriented and provides a medium to job seekers and opportunity providers to connect.
  • Alumni Alliances – This is an exclusive alumni network that caters to alumni and students. It provides opportunities for job seekers as well as a platform for recruiters to meet potential talent. It also helps to Network, Raise Capital, Provide Business Solutions, Provide or Seek Mentorship, Promote Business and Real Estate, participate in the Marketplace and get connected with Influencers.
  • Indeed – This is an employment-related search engine that includes job listings from various websites, job boards, staffing firms, associations, and company career pages.
  • JobisJob – This is an international job search portal where one can search for listings anywhere in the world.

2. Inbound Recruitment

While professional networking sites are really useful, they are still used by recruiters to ‘Reach Out’ and search for the right talent. What if recruiters could attract talent to themselves? Inbound recruitment is just the way to do that!

In the usual cases, a recruiter will hunt for the right fit for their organization. But in inbound recruitment, a recruiter will create an image around a company to be the best fit for the talent. In order to do so, the pain points of a potential candidate would first be analyzed. It can range from salary issues, organizational culture, incentives, flexibility on work timings, how approachable team leaders are, etc. By recognizing these pain points, an organization can create a lucrative image about themselves by creating positive content such as employee testimonials, company stories, bonuses or incentives, competitive remuneration together with fringe benefits. This will lead highly skilled candidates to a company instead of vice versa. Alumni Alliances is also a good way to tell your company story as well as create positive content. Alumni Alliances, led by USC alumni, is an exclusive networking site that caters to alumni and students.

3. Referrals

Another clever way to recruit talent is by getting your team members on this job as well! A recruiter can always inform team members about the type of person that they would like to recruit and to inform them about highly skilled personnel with whom they would have worked with, in their previous employment. Lucrative incentives can be offered such as rewards, more leaves and gift vouchers which could entice an employee to help out in the recruitment process.

4. Interview Processes

Scene: A potential candidate, wearing a formal suit and beads of perspiration, enters a meeting room that is washed with the color grey. He is ushered to the only empty chair in the room that looks towards five daunting professionals, with beady eyes and years of experience lining their faces. Without a word, one extends her arm for the resume that the candidate clutches in his hand…

This scene must have played repeatedly in many interview rooms but now the situation is completely different. Recruiters would like team players hence provide a light environment where they can interview a talent. Interview venues have moved from an impersonal meeting room to restaurants, quaint coffee shops, and cafes where the interview process becomes conversational.

5. Diversity Yet Belonging

In order to maintain inclusiveness in an organization, a recruiter may recruit talent from one ethnicity, background, location, gender, etc. But recruiting a diverse workforce increases the range of talent, ideas, and perspectives in an organization. In order for a diverse workforce to work effectively, one must create a sense of belonging. Have a look at the following ways to maintain a diverse workforce.

  • Occasions relating to religious and cultural significance must be celebrated by all.
  • Mini teams within the organization must also be diverse.
  • Team leaders (at least project wise) should be rotated to ensure fairness, objectiveness, and effectiveness prevails.

These are the 5 new-age ways that we think would help in finding the right fit for your organization. Do you think otherwise? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Stay tuned to Alumni Insider for more helpful articles. Also, if you haven’t signed up already, then get on board Alumni Alliances to connect with many professionals from your alma mater.


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