5 Reasons Why “Scarcity” is Important at the Workplace


The scarcity mentality is not unchartered territory in the workplace. While the FoMO effect which means ‘Fear of Missing Out’, has already gripped people like no other, an outbreak of this epidemic has led to overeager smiles from team members, the constant agreeing and over-enthusiastic conversations over how to tackle one single work problem and the ‘I am available 24/7’ employees who give prompt replies on email or phone with an abundance of emojis! [1]

In any way, people are different and to each their own on how they want to live their work life. It is common knowledge that the more scarce a resource is, the more expensive or valuable it gets. We do not reach out for elements that are always at our reach but try to grasp for those that are not. Here, we will outline 5 reasons why you should remain scarce at your workplace.

1. Only Official Working Hours

While being available 24/7 gives a quaint satisfaction to any employer, is it of any benefit to the worker? If a problem takes more than the number of working hours per day, can it be deemed that a worker is inefficient or less likely to produce results within a specified amount of time?

While a lot of theories can be contemplated, the most important one is that any worker should get the required number of hours to rest and rejuvenate for the next working day. This ‘Always On’ mentality can hamper the quality of your work. Time for self, family or recreational activities can render a fresh perspective on tackling work problems.

2. Working on Your Abilities

If you strictly allocate your working hours for work and dedicate a significant amount of your personal time for honing your skills, then it puts you in a better position than the rest. Ever thought about studying a little further, working towards a startup, providing business solutions, or learning a whole new skill? By being a little scarce without jeopardizing the quality of your work, you can invest your valuable personal time in making you a better worker. You can always go and learn that one skill that you constantly need your workmate’s help in. Now is the time to learn it for yourself and work towards advancement. Try Alumni Alliances. It can guide you towards finding mentorship or reaching out to raise capital for any startup ideas.

3. Build Your Market Value

We can not blame an employer on whom they give the choice projects. But a way to silently show work and not seem overzealous is by giving a daily or weekly report on the kind of tasks that you have completed to show your worth. It gives the image of a hardworking employee who knows the value of time and is able to complete work within a given time frame. Let the employer decide on whom they would like to give each project but do your part in informing about the amount and quality of work that had been rendered effectively and right on time.

4. Lower Stress Levels

Afraid to take the 1-hour lunch break only because others tend to take only 20 minutes? Don’t fall in the trap of exhausting yourself. You can go out for your walks and fresh air which will only keep you from getting worked up. You can end up with back pains and increased stress levels by being cooped up in the office and to work effectively you need a breather. So, don’t shy away from taking your dedicated lunch break or a few minutes of a walk outside.

5. Asking for a Raise

If you are overeager for any opportunity that comes by, then you may lose the power to demand a certain amount of pay rise. Being less eager and showing more promise through the quality of work rendered shows an employee worth his or her salt. Employers would not want to lose such employees who are adept at their work and know their value. Thus, pay rise negotiations can become a little easier. It’s good to make the employer know your work but doing it discreetly such as sending daily or weekly work reports shows that the person is dedicated and right for the job and deserves a pay hike.

These are 5 ways that being scarce at the workplace works to your advantage! Like this article? Let us know your thoughts through the comments section. Also, stay tuned to Alumni Insider for more articles like this.

1. Featured Picture – Brooke Lark


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