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Hiring your first employee can be quite a task. You have single-handedly operated your startup but the time has come for you to hang your cowboy hat and well… not exactly bid adieu! Hiring an employee does not mean that you are going to let go of “Your Precious”!

Wearing all the hats in your business might give quite a kick, but things turn for the worse when there are not enough hours in a day to complete your meetings and appointments. And that is only because you are attending ALL of them!

It’s time to get a helping hand. After a point in time, running a business all by yourself can become tedious. Time to delegate! But first, let’s look at the 4 broad aspects before you consider hiring your first employee. 

1. Legal

Hiring your first employee is not like making a purchase or conducting a barter exchange. You pay money and the other person performs his or her responsibilities under a certain designation. It’s way more than that. Consider the following legal aspects before hiring your first employee [3].

  • Employer Identification Number – you need the EIN for tax filings.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – this insurance is to protect any workers who might suffer injuries while on the job.
  • Payroll system to withhold taxes – set up a payroll system in which you have to withhold a portion of the employee’s taxes and submit to the IRS.
  • IRS Form W-4 – This form is filled by the employee which outlines the allowances that they are claiming. It ensures that the correct amount is withheld by the company.
  • Form I-9 – This form is used to verify whether the employee is eligible to work in the U.S. 

These are some of the legal implications that you need to be aware of.

2. Office Preparation

You have worked in your company and maybe it is good enough for you to work in. But are there measures in place to ensure that it is good enough when you hire your first employee? Check out the following practices that you will enable you to be a better employer.

  • Workplace Safety Tips – ensure that the workplace complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Act. 
  • Set up personal files for each employee. Also, ensure that you get a health certificate to determine their fitness to work.
  • Recreational Space – allow good space for your employees to relax. Conversations at the water cooler are too outdated!

3. Recruitment

You would like to recruit someone who will be comfortable in a startup business. Referrals from friends could come in handy as they would know the kind of sweat you would put in a company and would advise like-minded individuals who can be your first employee. Going on recruitment websites can be cumbersome, except for a chosen few. Alumni Alliances is one such professional networking website that enables you to post a recruitment requirement that is easy and convenient. Alumni Alliances, led by USC alumni, has alumni and students from one Alma mater so you can zero in on the highly competent professionals who can contribute extensively to your company. And there would be some familiarity since you have both would have attended the same Alma mater.

The following ways will help you to connect with the many job searchers on Alumni Alliances.

  1. Sign Up on Alumni Alliances!
  2. Click on the interest “Post a Job” on your Dashboard.
  3. A form will appear which requires the following fields to be filled.
    1. Job title, description and requirements.
    2. The company’s name, benefits offered to the candidate and the job position. 
    3. The industry details, the type of job offered (contractual, permanent, full time, internship, etc.) experience required, offered salary scale, job location, and the skills necessary for the position.
    4. Website link, company description, logo, contact details and whether the incumbent can or cannot work remotely.
  1.   Hit Publish and your post will be live.

4. No Emotional Instincts Please!

Granted that you have built up your business with a lot of emotion, but that should not be the driving factor while hiring your first employee. The following tips will help while considering the many resumes at your desk.

  • Don’t hire someone instinctively [4]. Make a conscious effort to screen their resumes. You can also do a background check regarding criminal and medical records, credit history and driving records as well. The social security number would help you to determine all this information.
  • Test for illegal substances. Ensure that you check on such details before you hire your first employee.
  • Unwanted Behavior. There are various ways to screen a candidate to check regarding unwanted behavior. Aptitude tests and other forms of analysis should be considered. 

These are 4 aspects to consider before you hire your first employee. Would you like to add to our list? Then please use the comments sections to share your views. And keep your eyes on this space to read more articles like this.

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