5 Ways for Millennials to Be More Successful


Millennials were born at the time when there was a lot of change and they subsequently had endured problems or situations that Gen Z never had to experience. So, we can infer that Gen Y is short forWHY?’ 

orWhy didn’t I get to enjoy lower real estate prices and inflation rates as Gen X or better college loan rates, wage rates and advanced technology as to what Gen Z is privileged to?’ 

Gen Y or Millennials are people born in the early 1980s. Gen Xers, people born between the 1960s and 1980s, usually point fingers at millennials, failing to understand why Gen Y was not able to invest in a good real estate property or pay up their student loans in time. Gen X also has a better retirement plan than Gen Y. Gen Z, born in the mid-1990s or mid-2000s, is born in the world of advancement with technology at their fingertips, literally! They are spoilt with a variety of choices and benefits available to them which was never available to Gen Y or millennials. 

The Great Recession, higher college fees, expensive childcare, higher real estate prices and expensive health insurance contribute to the problems faced by millennials.  Every article on the internet highlights the problems that millennials faced. And what their situation is right now. But what about finding the solutions for millennials who can have a better life than what they are experiencing right now? 

Alumni Alliances is working towards being ‘fixers’ of problems for their members. In this article, we will especially highlight how we can make life better for millennials.

1. Invest in Your Real Estate Property

While incline in real estate prices is faced by all, putting a roof over their heads is tougher for millennials because they do not have much finance. So, how to go about looking for houses at the right valuations? You can check out the listings of houses in the ‘Marketplace’ section of the Alumni Alliances portal, where one can search through a wide range of properties that rightly valued. Not only that but if you have a knack for investment and would like to invest in commercial real estate properties, then this is the place for you! 

2. Find Your Ideal Job

You have started work during or near the Great Recession. Hence, your starting wage rates are different from what is being offered to Gen X. You can try to find a better paying job but leaving your comfort zone can seem a little scary. It’s understandable, especially with so many job search engines! But a way better option to search for jobs is through Alumni Alliances that houses members from your Alma mater. There are members of the alumni community who hold positions in prestigious companies around the globe. They are constantly in search of executives with expertise such as yours. All you have to do is to publish a post that entails your requirement for a job and recruiters will get in touch with you.

3. Learning is the Way to Go

Millennials had to endure expensive student loans and some even opted to drop out of college or not go for higher studies after graduation. But in today’s economy, one has to keep on learning to ensure that they are on top of their game. And how to do that? Well, you can go back to college. But that would attract another student loan. There are various online courses that you can try. But a very good option is to find a mentor on Alumni Alliances. All you have to do is to publish a post, outlining your requirement for a mentor and a suitable mentor will get in touch with you. You can arrange the mentorship lessons as per the timings suitable for you and your mentor.

4. Never too late to Own a Business

They always wanted to have a business but never got around to getting one? It’s never too late. If you have a good investment idea then it must see the light of day. Make an investment deck and show to the investors on Alumni Alliances. Just publish a post that has all the details. Alumni Alliances has investors who would like to put their money on great business ideas. And you never know, yours might be the one that they would be interested in. So, publish a post today on Alumni Alliances.

5. Retirement Plans Seem Fuzzy?

With the kind of problems faced by millennials, it is understood that they might not have much of a financial plan in regards to their retirement. You might have some savings stashed away but are they earning for you? There are so many good investment options such as mutual funds, share markets, bonds that you could invest in now but is the timing right or will it give you returns during your retirement are some of the questions that you may have to ask yourself first. Another good way to invest is through Alumni Alliances. There is an array of good business ideas and projects that could earn you higher returns in a shorter period of time. You might like to consider them. You would get notifications regarding posts that are seeking investors. You can check out and verify their investment deck and also get in touch with investment seekers to participate in their projects.

The times and economy could have been out of our control but not what we make of now. Join Alumni Alliances today and find out the kind of benefits available to not only Millennials but for everyone! Let us know your thoughts through the comments section below and keep a lookout for cool articles like this on Alumni Insider.


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