6 Ways to Effective Talent Acquisition


Talent Acquisition has changed tremendously over the years. No longer are job seekers running after recruiters and waiting for a chance for their resumes to be analyzed. Now, recruiters are on the lookout for the best talent in the market and grab them before they are taken. So, how to attract the best talent and pave a beeline towards your company? Consider using the following ways.

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet

What is a deal-breaker for a job seeker? Well, to receive long emails from recruiters as well as application forms that stretch a mile! If you approach talent through emailers, then avoid sending lengthy emails. Keep emailers light to give room for interaction as well as show that the work culture is not formal. And while we are at it, those long job applications forms are also a no-no! 

  1. Alumni Community

This is a less trodden route but if you a member of a professional alumni network then it becomes so much easier to scout for talent. There is a hunt for talent on platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed, so you can get better traction on platforms like Alumni Alliances, which is a premium alumni community. Alumni Alliances houses graduates, students, and alumni from one Alma mater, hence it’s a great place to meet talent.

  1. Campus Recruitment or Job Fairs

Campus recruitment is a given when you want to pick the brightest minds at the earliest of recruitment stages. So, go out and meet students or graduates at job fairs. You can also meet potential employees at virtual job fairs. To understand more about career fairs and more importantly virtual job fairs, read on this article

  1. Referrals

Would you like your current employees and newcomers to gel well? Recruitment can be a tricky business, especially if you feel that the current pillars of your business might take time to hit it off with the newcomers. Why not ask them if they know of someone whom they would like to add to the team! After all, they would be the ones working with the newcomer on a daily basis. And, they would know the type of extra skills they bring to the workplace.

  1. Less Common benefits and Compensation

What else do you have to offer?

You might give the most competitive salary package to an employee but is it enough? Today, companies see that they have something more to offer in addition to the basic salary. So, not only ensure that you provide an added benefit but something that is uncommon and would entice the employee towards your organization.

  1. Flexibility

Traditional work cultures have changed to more modern settings, where an employee gets the freedom to work at his/her own timings and comfort. Google company gives work from homes, flexible hours, a dog-friendly environment, free gourmet food and snacks, complimentary massages, free fitness classes and gym memberships to its employees [2]. With a precedent set by such a desirable company, good talent will look for something similar or competitive in other organizations. What can you give as bait to get the best fish?

~ Bonus ~

We can sit and argue as to the many ways we can hire great talent. But how can we ensure that we retain them for long? There are costs involved in hiring and rehiring for the same position. Once, an employee resigns, new talent has to adapt to the culture, learn the ropes, ensure that delays are minimized and there is a quicker adaption to the job profile. Gelling with the team and ensuring that project submission deadlines are met, it would take a newcomer some time. Time, that is crucial to the organization. So, how can you retain great talent?

  • Keep regular meets with your employees to find out if they are facing hurdles and need help.
  • Keep a very informal and flexible culture that gives employees the opportunity to discuss issues freely.
  • Analyze exit interviews. Try to find out the cause of a particular employee leaving and try to curb the problem if it is in your control.

This is our take on the 6 ways to effective talent acquisition. Would you like to add to the list? Then let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please give a thumbs up to this article through the various social media handles. Stay glued to Alumni Insider for more awesome articles.

1. Featured Post – Amy Hirschi
What Every Company Can Learn from Google’s Company Culture


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