5 Strategies to Become a Successful CEO


CEO and their success stories are always intriguing! We want to imitate them, follow their path, learn from their battles and ultimately achieve the vision that they had achieved. You might be surrounded by such successful gems like the ones above. They might also have the same alma mater as you. These are the people whom you would want to take a crash course in becoming successful leaders. How cool would it be if you get a chance to become their mentees!

Andrew Viterbi

He is one of the co-founders of Qualcomm and has a Ph.D. in digital communications from the University of Southern California. He contributed around USD 52 Million to USC’s engineering school and the university decided to name the engineering school after him! Well, how’s that for successful!

Scott Cook

He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and is the co-founder and chairman of Intuit, a software company that provides products that can help companies manage their finances. Their leading products are Quickbooks and Turbotax. [2]

And the list goes on!

But what is the ‘It’ factor that makes a successful CEO?

We have outlined 5 things that can ensure that you follow the path of your favorite CEOs and try to reach the goal that you have set for yourself.

1. Quit Being Bossy!

Showing the direction comes naturally to leaders but it is a far cry from leading a pact. You can’t be in every department telling each and every employee on how you want the job to be done. We get it that you are a perfectionist but remember more minds are better than one. Listen to your teammates and see what they bring to the table. They might have a better route to solving the problem, so do hear them out. So, in effect lead, a company, don’t over-manage it!

2. Smart Hiring

Sometimes it helps to hire team members who can relate to your vision. Companies do rely on referrals to find teammates who would gel with other team members. Another smart way to find a team member is to look into one’s alumni community than social or other networking sites. An alumni community is a gated community of sorts and has people whom you would know from your alma mater. It is easier to find out more details about a particular person through other members. Alumni Alliances is a premium alumni community that not only helps to recruit but also find capital for your startup, seek business solutions and mentorships, and search for jobs and invest in real estate properties. Sign up to know more features of Alumni Alliances.

3. Embrace Change

The economy and technology are constantly changing. You need to adapt to the changes and ensure that your teammates learn to do so too.

4. Focus, Consistency, and Follow-Ups

John Welch, the former chairman and CEO of General Electrics, stresses on focus, consistency, and follow-ups as one of the key components for the success of the company. “During his tenure at GE, the company’s values rose by 4000%!” He focused on changing whenever necessary, was open to new ideas, customer service, quality, etc. and the quest for competitive advantage led to the company’s success. [3]

5. Attain these 5 Skills

The following five skills could become your mantra towards being a successful CEO.

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Positivity
  • Creativity
  • Feedback

The above points were highlighted in an online article [4]. Two-way communication is healthy and allows different ideas to be explored. A good CEO motivates his or her teammates to keep on trying regardless of the hurdles. Throw in some positivity and your teammate would be excited to give more to the cause rather than completing their usual working hours. Being creative also opens up avenues to a rather mundane task. And lastly, keeping a track of the work progress to date helps to keep the crew from going astray. 

We won’t say that all successful CEOs use the same strategy but we think that these 5 points might help you on your path to becoming a successful CEO. Care to add more? We would love to hear your thoughts through the comments section. And don’t forget to share and like this article through the various social media handles.


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