6 Reasons Why You Should Constantly Seek Mentorship


If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance.”
Howard Gardner

While you would look forward to throwing your graduation caps high in the air and swearing off tiresome hours of studying, here are some reasons why you should keep learning consistently. And this goes beyond the category of students. Even if you are a graduate, entrepreneur, or professional, seeking mentorship at every step of your career and life can be very beneficial. Here are 6 reasons why you should constantly seek mentorship.

1. Boost Your Knowledge and Skills

You may be a hardworking entrepreneur who has built his or her startup single-handedly but there comes a time when everyone’s knowledge span becomes limited. Not being updated with the industry trends or not constantly evolving would form a ceiling that is not good for your company. The same can be said for senior professionals. Hence, it is always good to be one step ahead. Cultivate your knowledge by getting a mentor.

2. Have a Sounding Board

If you are a young graduate and this is your first job, then why should you learn everything from scratch? Not only would it take many mistakes and remedies and create a bumpy first few weeks at your job, but you would also go onto a workspace a little unprepared in comparison to someone who has a mentor. School prepares you well, but having a mentor prepares you for the ever-changing organizational trends that you might not be warned of in the books. Mentors introduce us to shortcuts that they have learned through experience which becomes like a sounding board to young graduates so that they can refrain from making the same mistakes.

3. Network

Networking is an integral component for any professional or entrepreneur as this gives the chance to speed up processes of finding other professionals. If you are a tech graduate, you are taught about the world of software. But do you know how to go about networking in your field and getting like-minded professionals who share your vision of having a startup in your field? A senior professional who knows more about the industry can help you steer your venture. And not only can you have mentors who would help you to network but also network to find mentors! Nothing like seeking out the best of the industry on platforms like Alumni Alliances, where one can meet a mentor. Publish a post using their feature, Seek Mentorship, and find seasoned mentors on the platform. Similarly, you can network amongst other members of the platform and connect with them for projects using another feature, Network and Connect. Sign up today to know more!

4. Career Decisions

Career decisions are very important, as they can either be very fruitful or might deviate you from your vision. Constant advice from a mentor who would know more routes to your vision than you could help save valuable time and effort. 

5. Fresh Perspective

You could be working on the same problem and coming up with the same result. Having a mentor helps you to see a problem from a fresh perspective and find solutions that you might not be able to see. 

6. Disciplinarian

Trusted that if you are an entrepreneur, then you have witnessed many ups and downs in your career. This would have made you a self-starter. But isn’t being an entrepreneur tough, especially when you have a startup and end up looking after each and every department while forging ahead in finding a profitable space for your startup amongst the bigger players in the industry? Having a mentor is like having a disciplinarian. Not only do they give a push towards finding success, but they also help in the smaller hurdles faced by your startup.

We can give as many reasons for you to find a mentor. But you just have to get the experience of having one and reaping the benefits of advancing in your career to be convinced. So, don’t think twice. Go and find a mentor for yourself here. If you like this article then give it a big thumbs up by sharing it via the various social media handles. Also, do let us know your thoughts on the subjects via the comments sections. 

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  1. Akshay Mishra on

    Vey apt and useful.
    loved this line “If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance.”

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  2. We all need mentors irrespective of our designation. Sadly, many don’t know the benefits of having a mentor. I’m glad you guys chose this topic to work on. It’s going to benefit many people out there.

    • Alumni Insider on

      Thank you so much, Rajeshwari. And yes, it is essential to find mentors at every stage of life so that we keep on learning. Thank you so much for commenting on our blogs.

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