4 Ways to Successfully Provide Business Solutions


How many times have you turned to specialized professionals or businesses to find solutions to a problem? 

A business does the same when it needs support in a specialized area in which they might not have a niche. Therefore, business solutions could be explained as a combination of ideas to help an organization achieve its objectives. It can come in the form of marketing, payroll, accounting, account market research analysis, IT, human resources amongst other essential business activities. Some companies opt to have all its departments in-house while others opt to outsource to other organizations to provide business solutions to them. A business solution provider would solve the specific business problem as their expertise is in that niche market. 

This provides ease of business plus other advantages. For example, you may run a small business and consult an accountant for all your accounting and auditing requirements. If you employ an accountant, you would be required to pay a salary, provident fund, medical insurance, leaves, etc. While this emphasizes how cost-effective a business solution provider is to the company, it also helps a business to manage its time and dedicate it to its core business. 

Ask These 6 Questions to Yourself Before Providing Business Solutions

The best part of business solutions is that it creates jobs and startups in the economy. If you have a startup that provides business solutions, you might have to ask yourself the following questions to ascertain the quality of service provided to others. [2]

  • Do you start out by listening to the clients’ business concerns, issues, and opportunities?
  • After listening, do you follow it up with strong questions instead of launching into detailing the advantages of hiring your company?
  • Do you talk about real, measurable business benefits that you can provide?
  • Are you ready to challenge the client’s thinking and perspectives?
  • Are you ready to reach out to other parties (external to your own company) to bring better business capabilities than you have alone?
  • Are you prepared to try new avenues or experiment with things that you may have not done in the past to address business clients’ specific needs?


4 Ways to Become a Successful Business Solutions Provider

1. Maintain a Strong Client Base

Being a successful business solutions provider is not easy. A company employs your service because they intend to concentrate on their core business. But the service that they subcontract to you becomes your Core Business and needs undivided attention otherwise you might lose the client. While this being true, the costs involved in maintaining that particular service is manpower, equipment, expertise, training, salaries, insurance, etc. And to ensure that you keep running successfully and keep up with all the costs, you have to ensure that you have a strong client base. Here’s how to do so:

  • Use all social media and professional networking sites to find your client base. This is an easier and cheaper form of advertising your business than the more traditional methods.
  • Try Alumni Alliances to reach out to an exclusive alumni community. If you wish to publish a post on the portal, there are tailor-made forms that will help you to list down all the specific information. Did you know they have a form dedicated to ‘Providing Business Solutions’? Sign up on Alumni Alliances today to know more!
  • Network amongst your own business community to grow your clientele.

2. Get More Work Per Fewer Resources

This is a no-brainer yet some businesses lose out drastically by not calculating their income per resource used. While providing the service to a client, calculate the entire cost that should be allocated, and bill accordingly. Don’t forget the overhead costs that indirectly went into creating that service for the client such as stationery, travel, research, etc. In case you do not have a good grasp of the finances, hire someone who does, and is able to share all the financial details from an objective standpoint.

3. Cutting Edge and NOT Bleeding Edge Technology

Technology is mostly the foundation on which a business solution provider’s company is built. Ensure that you purchase the right technology for your company. Do not buy certain software or equipment which more or less does the same job as your existing systems. You could go ahead and buy the newest systems just because a competitor had done the same but fail to understand that installing the systems and getting your staff trained to use them properly will incur further costs. [4]

4. Careful in Hiring

While hiring staff, ensure that you do that stringently. A lot could be going on while your small startup is catering to a number of clients and you might put less attention on hiring new team members. Always remember that ‘a chain is as strong as its weakest link’. Every member of your team needs to be the best at what they do and provide close to error-free work so that you continue to operate your business solution effectively.

This is our take on how to successfully run a startup that provides business solutions. Let us know of other points that such entrepreneurs need to take heed off through the comments section. Also, if you like this article, then share it using the various social media handles. 

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