5 Advertising Channels to Best Reach Focused Audiences


Have you made a promotion or advertising campaign and watched it get lost in oblivion?  The first thing we do when we market to a particular audience group is by segmenting the market. 

If we have a skin product that rejuvenates and slows the aging process, then the most applicable audience is young women probably in their 30’s and onwards and not all females which would include teenagers, who don’t really need a product for anti-aging.  

The next step would be to find the best route to a particular segment of the market instead of advertising on all channels. For example, to get through to teenagers, one might think that social media marketing is rather lucrative than advertising on billboards that might be placed in a commercial sector of the city or TV ads on random channels. 

Therefore, there are two points to note here. Segmentation to find the right audience and a focused route that paves the way to that audience. Social media and similar platforms are a huge contributor to sustainable advertising. But in this article, we will discuss the other 5 Advertising Channels to Best Reach Focused Audiences, apart from social media platforms.

1. Email Marketing

There are numerous benefits of email marketing and some of them are that it can reach an already engaged audience, it’s lower in cost in comparison to mainstream marketing, easy to share, it can reach a global audience, etc. While social media platforms are an easier way to communicate with consumers, email marketing is still a continuing favorite amongst businesses due to it creating brand awareness, cost-effective method for new customer acquisition, and fostering trust and loyalty with the business’s customer base. [3]

2. Exclusive Marketplaces

Like how every business has its set target audience whom they send emails, there is a better and innovative way to attract a target audience through the power of an exclusive digital community. Alumni Alliances, a professional alumni community, helps its members to do effective advertising to a focused audience through their Marketplace section. It gives the opportunity for advertisers to reach out to many startup owners, venture capitalists, realtors, investors, etc.

To advertise in the Marketplace section of Alumni Alliances, you just have to send an email to advertising@alumnialliances.com and the admin will get in touch with the necessary details. 

3. Search Engine Optimization

The biggest advantage of search engine optimization is that it is an inbound marketing strategy. Instead of going out and targeting the audience, a business creates content through inbound methods to ensure that the audience finds your business when they are searching for similar information. This could be made possible through blogs, and customer-centric readily available information regarding the business. It is an organic form of marketing and is entirely based on the search engine algorithm which means that if a business has created its website using the most optimized keywords then search engines will help direct traffic to the particular business’s website. [5]

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is “performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” [6] Because it is completely performance-based, a business tends to gain significantly from this and it is cost-effective because the affiliates are only paid once the desired action has taken place. It helps to broaden a business’s audience and the affiliates help to boost its reputation as well. [7]

5. Display Advertising

People usually visit forums, blogs, and websites that are useful to them. Through display marketing, digital marketers can reach out to specific groups of audiences by strategically placing their advertisements on these third party websites. “These could include banners, boxes, interactive ads, video ads, interstitial ads, overlays, and other similar ads that are linked to a landing page or website.”  For example, a clothing shop can advertise their business through a fashion blog.

These are the 5 Advertising Channels to Best Reach Focused Audiences. If you can think of more cost-effective examples, then let us know through the comments section. Also, give a thumbs up to Alumni Alliances through the various social media handles and bookmark Alumni Insider for more insightful blogs like this. 

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