Professionals: Here are 10 Online Industry Events to Participate in May


Professionals around the globe are now on the move to keep bettering their skills in their respective jobs or try to understand more about the industries they work in. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a raging demand for content on yoga and fitness, recipes, social distancing methods as well as TIK TOK videos to keep everyone entertained at home has surfaced. But March and April also saw the rise in industry events all throughout the U.S. to keep professionals involved and educated regarding the happenings in their industry. These are some of the events that were hosted in the last two months.

  1. CrowdStreet hosted a live stream on “Commercial Real Estate Performance in Tumultuous Times”. The video is now available on-demand.
  2. Esri hosted the “Esri Developer Summit” to “get the inside scoop on next-generation developer tools and APIs”.
  3. Lean Data hosted the “Rockstars from OpsStars Virtual Event” providing new content on revenue strategy.

So in this blog, we will outline 10 Online Industry Events to Participate in May for professionals to participate and improve their knowledge and understanding in their job profiles or the industries that they work in.

1. Forward Digital Summit – (05/11/2020)

Rubrik, a cloud data management company, is organizing the Forward Digital Summit to “explore the possibilities of using real data to drive concrete business results”.

2. 2020 World Medical Innovation Forum Virtual Gathering – (05/11/2020)

2020 World Medical Innovation Forum Virtual Gathering will feature Harvard infectious disease experts who will talk about the COVID-19 disease and the new technology utilized to combat it. 

3. Tech Inclusion Global Summit: The Next Wave of Leadership (05/11/2020)

Tech leaders from all over the world connect via Tech Inclusion Global Summit: The Next Wave of Leadership to discuss leadership & professional growth, allyship & culture, emerging industry trends, the future of work, and more.

4. CNBC Healthy Returns Virtual Summit  – (05/12/2020)

CNBC Events is organizing the CNBC Healthy Returns Virtual Summit to get groundbreaking ideas to help reduce the global COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Open Banking World Congress 2020  – (05/12/2020)

Open banking is the transition from traditional banking methods to “becoming the heart of an emerging cross-sectoral data-driven ecosystem”. Some of the topics covered in the Open Banking World Congress 2020 are:

  • What improvements in functionality, standard infrastructure, and identity are required?
  • What value exchanges will consumers respond to?
  • What are the most promising business models?

6. Redisconf2020 – (05/12/2020 – 05/13/2020)

Redis Labs is organizing a two-day summit for cloud professionals and developers to rediscover innovations in data platforms. Attendees can expect to be connected with keynote speakers in RedisConf 2020.

7. Virtual Product Summit: The Online Conference for Product Managers – (05/18/2020)

Virtual Product Summit: The Online Conference for Product Managers will entail speakers from Netflix, Dropbox, and eBay, etc. The agenda would include – how to create a winning value proposition for your product, how to build great product teams, branding for builders, overcoming cognitive biases, etc.

8. Confab: The Content Strategy Conference – (05/18/2020 – 05/20/2020)

Confab is organizing a 3-day online conference that includes live broadcasts, Q&A sessions, and live demos to cover content strategy events including storytelling, UX design, and structure through the Confab: The Content Strategy Conference

9. 2020 Midwest Digital Marketing Conference – (05/20/2020 – 05/21/2020)

2020 Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is a 2-day free virtual conference that entails panel discussions led by industry experts and live Q&A sessions to provide digital marketing know-how. 

10.The Augmented World Expo USA 2020 Online (05/26/2020 – 05/29/2020)

The Augmented World Expo USA 2020 Online hosts speakers who are well versed in solving major technical challenges in AR/VR development. The four-day expo will also have sponsors/exhibitors. 

So here are the 10 Online Industry Events to Participate in May. You can also host your own industry event and include students and alumni from your alma mater. Visit Alumni Alliances to know more and be part of a professional alumni network. And bookmark Alumni Insider for more articles like this!


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