Startup Entrepreneurs: 5 Smart Business Promotion Tools to Use in 2020


Okay… so we know that THIS is definitely not the time to think about ‘business promotions’. What with the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly taking over our lives, we are now confined to our homes and wouldn’t consider promoting businesses as a priority. But to spin a positive note to the whole COVID-19 fiasco, this is possibly the BEST TIME to really market your product! The whole world is at home and this in itself provides the highest probability of digital content consumption! Now more than ever, people are viewing content that actually really useful to their businesses. And no we are not the devil’s advocate for binge-watching!

So without further ado, be all ears, as we are about to tell you Startup Entrepreneurs: 5 Smart Business Promotion Tools to Use in 2020.

1. Instagram Stories

25 million businesses use Instagram for their everyday communication with their customers and engage with the potential ones!

Now that’s the hook every business entrepreneur needs. This information came to light during the latest f8 conference and with it that Instagram Stories was quickly becoming the fastest-growing format on Instagram. [1] Any entrepreneur can use Instagram Stories to humanize their product by showing polls, behind-the-scene footages as well as tutorials. 

2. Livestreams

Livestreams for businesses have become a rage in 2020. Its benefits include building trust in your brand and creating real engagement. It is a great testing ground for ideas and helps to judge a concept based on its viewership and engagement and provides instant feedback on the idea. It is also far easier to produce than a video. Hence, a business can use live streams to answer any pertinent questions regarding their products. LinkedIn Live is a good way to use live streams professionally.  

3. Alumni Networks

Entrepreneurs usually forget about this tool which is actually very effective. People usually view alumni networks as a source of recruitment but the best alumni networks in the country have much more to contribute. Consider the number of members in an alumni network and how one can truly promote their business in the association. Some of the powerful alumni networks include:

  1. The Alumni Association of Princeton University
  2. Stanford Alumni
  3. Brunonia

Some alumni networks such as Alumni Alliances helps a user to not only promote their business but also post business requirements, invest, raise capital, organize events, and find mentorship.

4. Voice Applications

Marketers need to recognize consumers using voice search will only hear one result!

Amazon, Google, or Apple. Voice search is definitely on the rise in 2020 and marketers and entrepreneurs need to use this tool effectively in order for their business to benefit. Using important keywords for top search spots instead of catering to the usual SEO keywords can optimize searches and will help a business promote or market its products successfully.

5. Podcasts

While social media continues to be the rage for online promotions, podcasting isn’t far behind. In fact, podcasting is still a popular tool amongst a broad audience. People who listen to podcasts are deeply engaged and its an easy way to reach busy people. Podcasts also increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings. [2] An entrepreneur or marketer can also attend existing podcasts to promote their business instead of creating their own. 

This was our take on Startup Entrepreneurs: 5 Smart Business Promotion Tools to Use in 2020. Do you have some more business promotion tools to add to the list? Please let us know through the comments section below and bookmark Alumni Insider for more useful blogs like this. And log into Alumni Alliances to learn more about how to promote your business through a professional alumni network.


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