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Searching for connection after college graduation can be a challenge. Maybe you’ve switched towns, or you’re simply looking to build out your professional network. Social networking platforms offer the chance to connect with your peers, regardless of whether you live nearby one another – but how do you take the first step to finding the right peers to connect with?

That’s where Alumni Alliances comes in. With plenty of online platforms to choose from, you’ll want to go with one that values your security and your time – where you can trust that you’re making the right kinds of connections. Find out why Alumni Alliances is the legitimate and safe networking site for you.

The Alumni Alliances Story: A Trusted Hub for Graduates

Our platform was built by two USC alumni who were frustrated by the lack of options for connecting with their peers after graduation. Taking matters into their own hands, they built a secure platform specifically for alumni to network independently of their college’s alumni association. Ten years later, we’ve grown to over 90 US colleges and universities’ alumni represented on the platform, and over 1 million users.

Raising the Bar On Security 

For the first time, college graduates can join a platform that rigorously vets its user base to ensure that each member is who they say they are. Our team follows a stringent verification process to validate that members have actually graduated from their alma mater, including verification options like uploading a student ID.  We’re dedicated to maintaining a secure, trusted, and thriving alumni network for graduates – and it all starts with having a legitimate user base.

Providing Distinct Value

Since its beginnings, Alumni Alliances has consistently stood out as a reputable platform that fosters connections among graduates. According to Valerie N., Univ. of North Texas, Class of ‘11 alum, “It has been nice to be able to reconnect with fellow alumni, even though I live in a different state from where I graduated from. I’ve been able to connect with people in my current area now, which is South Florida.” Check out more testimonials by graduates from top US colleges on our homepage.

A Legitimate, Vetted Network

We’re committed to transparency, security, and meaningful networking, and are proud to have earned the trust of more than 1 million registered members. Despite this, there have been misconceptions regarding the platform’s legitimacy, so to be clear — Alumni Alliances is a legitimate and safe site for graduates to connect, raise funds for business, and seek mentorship and job opportunities from fellow alumni. Our platform prioritizes user security, employs robust data protection measures, and places the highest value on providing our users a safe professional networking experience. 

Your Partner Throughout the Post-Grad Journey

So, if you’ve come here wondering, is Alumni Alliances legit? The answer is yes. We’re a platform built by alumni, for alumni. Being completely independent from universities, we’ve been able to build a platform that puts your personal and professional interests first. Our users can rest assured that the platform is a trustworthy hub for helping them build meaningful connections in the post-graduate journey. As we grow, Alumni Alliances will continue to shine as a legitimate and safe platform for graduates to connect and thrive professionally. We’re so glad to have you with us on this journey!

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