What’s the best way to network with fellow alumni?


Let’s talk about something we all know is important but might not always nail – networking with fellow alumni. Your peers hold the keys to so many untapped opportunities (like jobs, internships, business ideas, or just plain old community). Still, it can be intimidating to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never met. We get it!  

Luckily, you’re in a sweet spot if you’re a part of Alumni Alliances, a vibrant community with over a million members from US colleges and universities. But how do you make the most of this amazing alumni network or alumni networks? Here’s a guide to genuinely connecting with your peers.

  1. Make The First Move

We know that making the first move can be daunting. But when it comes to building relationships with fellow alumni, the first step is just to put yourself out there! Start by finding a colleague that interests you and sending them an invitation to connect. You can do this easily by searching Alumni Alliances‘ Alumni Directory, or simply looking them up on social media. Whatever path you choose, it all starts with a “Hello”!

  1. Start With What You Share

Remember those late-night study sessions or that unforgettable homecoming game? Your shared experiences are like secret handshakes in the alumni world. Use these memories as a warm, friendly opener in conversations. Or, if you’re connecting with a stranger, divulge something about yourself that you two might have in common. It’s not just about networking; it’s about finding your tribe.

  1. Give A Little, Get A Lot

Think of networking as a potluck dinner – everyone brings something to the table. Before asking for help or advice, think about what you can offer. It could be insight into a particular industry or being a great listener. The best alumni networks thrive on this give-and-take.

  1. Keep It Real

The most robust connections are built on authenticity. Don’t just network for the sake of networking. Be curious about people, not just their job titles. And remember, great relationships aren’t built overnight – sincerity and follow-up go a long way!

  1. Be More Than Just A Name On A Screen

Alumni networks are bustling with potential, but you must be more than just a name on a screen to build genuine connections. On Alumni Alliances’ platform, you can share stories, chime in on discussions, or offer a helping hand in the community feed. It’s the chats, the advice, the ‘been there too’ moments that weave the strong fabric of a community.

  1. It’s About Community, Not Just Contacts

At its heart, an alumni network is a community. It’s about shared memories, growth, and a desire to see each other succeed. You and your peers worked hard to earn your degrees — so enjoy it! And don’t forget to keep the spirit of your alma mater alive in every interaction.

So, there you have it – networking with your fellow alumni doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s about building genuine connections and finding your community. Want to take the hassle out of tracking down your peers? Join Alumni Alliances, one of the best alumni networks for connecting with peers in a vetted online platform. Dive in, share, engage, and, most importantly, be yourself. Here’s to making connections that matter!

Happy networking, and don’t forget to have some fun along the way! 

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